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Be Proud of Your Toughest Accomplishments

Encouragement Today

23479DD6-115B-4B38-B85D-B1C468C91251Today’s Encouragement is to inspire you to remember,

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.“  Edmund Hillary

Have you ever had to finish a task that made you worn out, frustrated and purely exhausted?

Have you ever experienced what it is like to cram for a big project at work or study for a big exam in school? You knew there was an important deadline staring at you, but the level of pure exhaustion and frustration was wearing you down? You knew deep down inside, you could not work for one more hour, but that was not an option because the deadline had to be met.

Have you ever ran thru an obstacle course and before you got to the end, your body was so exhausted and worn out, it wanted to shut down and stop, but to quit was not an option. You had a fierce determination to finish the race no matter how long it was.

Lastly, have you ever made a long drive and you were mentally and physically exhausted, but you still had another hour or two before you got there? As you looked at the clock and drove by the mileage signs you knew you could not drive one more hour or one more mile, but stopping was not an option. You had to push forward and stay awake in order to arrive at your final destination.

YOUTRU~1The commonality among all of these scenarios is that no matter how tired, beat down or physically exhausted you were, you did not give in to the temptation to quit. You pushed through the exhaustion and climbed over the mental barrier and persevered to the end. You did not let the mental and physical obstacles get in the way of completing your task. You trusted in your ability and determination to conquer the fears you faced, the mental exhaustion that had you worn out and the physical pain you experienced to pursue your goals to the end.

You are stronger mentally and physically than you ever knew. You are courageous to pursue the obstacle and see it to the end. You are wiser for the battles you fought and won, and you are braver than any obstacle or mountain that tried to stand in your way. You are a fierce warrior who stood strong and tall and conquered what you set out to do.

Way to go, my faithful warrior and friend!!

Stand tall and proud for what you have accomplished.


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