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Letting Go of The Extra Weight You Are Carrying

Encouragement Today


My Friend, today is the day I want you to look at what you are carrying, whether it is physical or emotional, and I want you to set that baggage down while releasing the energy that is associated with it.

Be thinking about what has you weighed down in life? What have you been avoiding? What conflict have you been resisting because you did not have the strength or the courage to face it?

Today is the day to address the difficulty you are faced with and tackle it head-on.

  • Take care of it!
  • Do it!
  • Challenge it!
  • Face it!
  • Conquer it!

Do not let the power of fear consume you any longer. Do not let your thoughts persuade you this is wrong, for many times our thoughts are what hold us captive and allow the fear we feel to consume us leaving us vulnerable and out of control.

“Thoughts may have power, but actions triumph in the end.” – HD Benson

Walk bravely and with confidence knowing, in the end, it will be finished. The baggage you are carrying will be left behind as you walk away from this difficulty and you will be renewed with a peace that you have not felt in a long time.

I will give you to the end of the week and I want you to be able to breathe a deep sigh of relief while boldly and bravely saying, “It is DONE!”

You can do this. You are braver than you think and stronger than you believe. I have confidence in you. Grab that same confidence and run with it. Allow it to take hold of you and conquer what lies ahead.

Lastly, remember this… YOU ARE ENOUGH! You can do this!!!

Feel free to leave a comment below and either share with me what you are going to let go or share with me what you accomplished.

I would love to share in your joy or walk prayerfully beside you as you tackle this difficult challenge. If you wish to keep it between us, leave that request with your comment and I will keep your request private.





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