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Fresh New Beginnings Start Today

Christmas Note of Encouragement 

Today’s encouragement is a simple one, but one I think we forget when life becomes busy. 

“Seize Today 

For each new day is a fresh new start.”


It is so easy to fall into the trap of…

  • getting up every day
  • going to work every day
  • going home every day
  • running errands every day
  • going to school every day

Then you go home you tackle the daily life chores. It is time to wash the laundry, wash the dishes, make the meals, do the homework, prepare for the next day, and go to bed. Then the cycle begins all over again the next day. 

My friend, I am here to remind you today to seize the day and look for ways to break the vicious cycle of life and make it fun and enjoyable again.

Today’s challenge is to take a step back and evaluate your life. Determine where you can add some freshness to your life, especially during this Holiday Season. 

If you took some time to try this, you might be amazed at how much happier you could feel. In my humble opinion, any time you find the time to seek happiness and simplicity in your life, that makes for one of the best Christmas presents ever. 

It is my prayer if you do this today, you will find some holiday cheer that will make the week to come a little more pleasurable for you. 

Merry Christmas, My Friend!

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