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Hope Gives You Strength When You Can Not See It

Christmas Encouragement

Credits to for the beautiful image and encouraging reminder today. 

Today’s Christmas Encouragement was inspired by this beautiful Christmas song, “Strange Way To Save The World, by 4Him”

I was quietly working on my business this morning and decided to play Pandora in the background and this beautiful song, which I had not heard before, came on. 

It was so peaceful and a breath of fresh air from all the traditional music, which do not get me wrong, I love all the music of the Season, but there was something calming about this one. 

I am going to post it today as your Christmas Encouragement and let you decide for yourself if it is or not. Feel free to leave your comments below if you like it or you do not. 

The song is this… Strange Way to Save The World by 4Him. 

I hope it touches your heart as it did mine. 

Have a Merry and Bright Week! 

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