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The Black Hole of Christmas

Finding Christmas Humor 
@Home Life & Encouragement

Finding Christmas Humor Amongst the Caos

I just had to close out my day with a little Christmas humor. This “Black Hole of Christmas”, my loving daughter named it, is what my future Christmas projects will look like eventually for my business @HL&E Designs. 

I sat down tonight to pull some thoughts together and this is what they looked like when I came back to them. 

This is also what happens when you run out of day to finish pulling your thoughts together. You are left with this never ending black hole. 

For anyone who feels as behind as me this Christmas season, I hope this helps to break up some of the stress, anxiety, and exhaustion and replaces it with a moment of laughter. 

We will pull this off, Friends. I can not guarantee that we will be sane still, but I can promise, Christmas will come and go just like it does every year, whether we are ready for it or not.

Tomorrow is a new day, Friends. We can only accomplish all that our twenty-four hours will allow. Go to bed, forget about the never-ending to-do list, and rest tonight. Tomorrow will bring a new day to work on more.

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