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Today Is The Day To Make Memories

Christmas Note of Encouragement

Yesterday was a day of relief and one of reflection. Kiddo and I went to our local mall to return a text book she rented for a college class. We are both relieved to know, after an extremely difficult first semester with her being so sick a lot of it, that she finally finished it.

As we went in the book store, we saw their children’s Christmas books and stopped to look at the collection they had on display. When I saw this book, “The Night Before Christmas” because it is our all time favorite Christmas book.

It is hard to believe she is all grown up and days of the past, are but memories now. Where does time go?

My friend, take some time this holiday season to makes some memories for the years to come. Do not get so busy in the busy that you forget to include the people who are important to you.

“Today is the day to make the memories of your future.” Unknown Author
Your kids will not be little for ever. You will appreciate the time you shared today in the years toco e when you only have your memories to cling to. What are you favorite holiday books? Leave a comment below.

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