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Christmas Real Vs. Perfect

Christmas baking in my house…

I have how much time???

With “x” amount of time, what can I get done?

Oh wait, I need to run out the door?

Ok, I can do this because last batch of cookies cake out of oven, but counter is a train wreck.

What do I do about this mess???

You take the dog with you so he doesn’t eat everything you just made, because he loves himself some sugar? Anyone else relate?

Then you repeat another day, but today, all the food first goes in oven (knowing no one will be home to turn it on.)

Second trip out the door, everything goes in the laundry room for the safety of your dog’s health and your baked goodies.

Just sharing a bit of real in my home.

Can anyone else relate to the realness of this story and not the perfect Hallmark Christmas program experiences?

Above is the first bundle of goodies being delivered today.

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