Friday Night Comfort Food

Are You Looking For A Comfort Food Supper?


Are you tired and cold from a long winter day of fun, skiing, shoveling, walking, or surfing (if you are in a warm climate)?

I have a “not” healthy supper option for you per my daughter’s craving request.

French Toast with Bacon is what I am going to give you for a choice tonight.

We were effected by the Blizzard of 18’ yesterday so I am tired and sore tonight from the massive amount of shoveling I did.

Normally, we are a traditional Friday night pizza kind of family, but my body was not up to making homemade pizza tonight. However, if you don’t like my choice of French Toast and Bacon, you could go to Pizza for an option. You will find the recipe I would use for Pizza by using the recipe for Pull Apart Pizza. What you would do instead of making it as a Pull Apart Bread, make it into a pie.

I used the Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Bread I posted earlier today for my bread. It was delicious as French Toast.

If you have soon delicious options, feel free to leave what you made in the comments below.

Happy Friday Night Cooking.

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