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Finding Peace in the Storms of Sisterhood

Credit: Transformingloveministries.org I am re-posting a wonderful blog post written by my friend, Stacha Ashburn from @transformingloveministries.org This is such a powerful and encouraging post about maintaining our peace within the relationships we have with others (not just our sisters, but it can even be powerful with any relationship we have with others.) ———————————————————————- For… Continue reading Finding Peace in the Storms of Sisterhood

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Unconditional Love Is Priceless

I struggle to share my private life and I know this post is going to seem a bit weird to some who do not understand the depth in which you can love your pets, but this dog is my world. This is my doggo, Shadow (the one with floppy ears). If you follow me on… Continue reading Unconditional Love Is Priceless

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Hope Shines Brightly For New Tomorrows

Today's Challenge is simple and was inspired by this quote, “One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.” – Unknown How many people do you know who are struggling and are in physical or emotional pain? All you have to do is take a minute to think of a person in life in your… Continue reading Hope Shines Brightly For New Tomorrows

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Stand Firm On Your Truth

Encouragement Today and Motivation Monday Today’s Encouragement is inspired by my daughter’s latest medical hardship. I have taken her to Urgent Care two times in the past four days for help with her mega migraines. Her first trip went better than her second one. The first doctor has a better understanding of what migraines are and… Continue reading Stand Firm On Your Truth