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Reach Out A Hand Today

Encouragement Today Today's encouragement was inspired from this quote, "A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success." Unknown Author Do not be afraid to encourage someone who you see is struggling or is having a hard day. You may be the only person to notice or… Continue reading Reach Out A Hand Today

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Live Your Life As To Make A Difference

Encouragement TodayToday's random thought is to be kind to those you encounter. Be kind to those you see on the street. Be kind to those at the store. Be kind to those at work. Be kind to those at school. It does not matter where your travels take you in the course of the day,… Continue reading Live Your Life As To Make A Difference

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Strangers Helping Strangers

Encouragement Today I am going to share a wonderfully encouraging story about when humanity does the right thing. I just wish this was something I did not have to write about because to write about it means it is something that does not happen regularly anymore. I spend a lot of time on the road… Continue reading Strangers Helping Strangers

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Touching Lives Through Respect

Encouragement Today Has a stranger or someone you know touched your heart by a gesture of respect or love? Do not disregard this simple gesture. God uses His people to touch the lives of others and to meet each individual exactly where they are in need. I remember clearly how much a total stranger touched… Continue reading Touching Lives Through Respect

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Honesty and Appreciation Touch Lives

Encouragement Today Honesty, kindness, love, and appreciation are powerful words. They have a way of transforming people’s lives. Do not underestimate the impact you are having on others if you are being honest, kind, and loving. Be “real” with your friends and relatives and when you are not around any more, they will forever love… Continue reading Honesty and Appreciation Touch Lives

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Sharing Kindness and Love

Today's challenge is to think outside the box and do something special to brighten someone's day. It is a double win. It makes the person you are doing something for feel good, but it will brighten your day as well. I have discovered over time there is power to brighten a day in a simple… Continue reading Sharing Kindness and Love

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Honoring My Dad’s Memory

Encouragement Today I am writing today with a heavy heart because it marks the 10 year anniversary of my sweet dad's death. It doesn't seem possible that my dad has been gone for so long. He seems so alive in my heart, my mind, and my thoughts. Not a day goes by without thinking of… Continue reading Honoring My Dad’s Memory

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Be Observant To Others In Need of Help

Encouragement Tonight I am sorry this is coming so late. Today has been a crazy day and even as I am writing this my home is still crashing down around me. I hope this image is enough to stand by itself tonight. Total exhaustion has settled in and my brain has shut off. I wanted… Continue reading Be Observant To Others In Need of Help

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Encouragement Today and Motivation Monday Today’s Encouragement theme is based on kindness. Have you ever thought about the effect you have on others when you share a little kindness with them? Rarely do you share a moment of kindness with someone and they return this gesture back with a moment of ugly or harsh behavior.… Continue reading Kindness

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The Warmth of A Parent’s Heart

Motivation Monday There is nothing more rewarding that touches a mom’s heart then to unexpectedly hear the words, “Mom, you’re the best.” Mom’s and dad’s, we all know our kids hearts. We know how to touch them and reach them. We know what their love language is and we try to talk to them and… Continue reading The Warmth of A Parent’s Heart