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Controlling The Daily Chaos

Life Hack For Surviving The Every Day of Life

After it took me a good part of two weeks to get my home back in order via cleanliness and clutter control, I found a few things that work for me to keep my house maintained when the time is not my friend.

I found if I spend maybe thirty minutes or less, these few tricks will help to keep my home from looking like a disaster area and I do not get as frustrated at everything getting ahead of me.

Try these five tidy tips to see if this helps to calm your home chaos and helps to bring you a sense of peace at the end of the day.

5 Tips To Controlling Your Daily Chaos

  • Vacuum or sweep daily.
If you clean the floors every day, then your house does not appear to be as dirty because you do not see the dirt or debris on it.

  • Wash the dishes in the sink and clean the countertop.

If you wash the dishes every morning, assuming you did them the night before and you do not have a week’s worth there, then you are only cleaning up the nightly snack cups and dishes and the breakfast and lunch making dishes in the morning. If you wash or dishwasher them first thing in the morning, then when you come home at the end of the day, you are not bombarded by a lot to add of dishes that will add to your evening supper dishes. It is so much easier to stay ahead of these big messes than it is to play catch up.

  • Wipe down bathroom sink, counter top, toilet, and floor.

If you wipe down your bathroom daily, then the disgustingness does not get ahead of you. Who likes cleaning a bathroom? I for one, do not and I really hate cleaning it up after it becomes disgusting. My friend, stay ahead of it and clean it up daily. It will only take maybe five minutes daily if you keep up with it.

  • Make the bed as soon as you get up.

Make your bed daily as soon as you get out of it. This somehow helps to set the tone for a productive day. It also helps to keep the desire to climb back in it at bay. By making it daily it also stays cleaner longer, especially if you have pets.

  • Throw in a load of laundry (add to the dryer at the end of the day).

Lastly, throw in a load of laundry daily first thing in the morning. This helps to stay ahead of the constant mountain of dirty laundry. At the end of the day, you can throw it in the dryer as well as folding the load that is in there. At the end of the day, you have more time than you do in the morning to fold what might be in the dryer. The key to the morning quick clean up is to get the laundry in the washer.

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Grab and Go Healthy Snacking

Life Hack 101

Kiddo’s Healthy Steroid Kit

4EF1DC51-C01C-4BB1-A4D9-50D0593A5115Today’s Life Hack is what I am calling Kiddo’s Steroid Survival Kit.

I am not sure why I have not thought about doing this before, but I am glad I thought of it for this time.

For my healthy eaters, this is a great hack for you as well.

After purchasing your fruits and vegetables, before they go into the refrigerator wash them. Then after they are cleaned and prepared grab your snack bags or your mini snack storage containers and start separating the food into snack size portions.

I did this because my Kiddo has a tough time with her appetite while she is on steroids. By doing this, if she is hungry she can easily grab an already prepared  snack size portion of something healthy to eat. If we are leaving the house, she can grab a bag or two for while she is out because hunger is a migraine trigger for her.

I prepared for several days which is why it looks like she has so much stuff. I know her and I know her meals are usually dicey, but this will enable her to graze more often than just eating three meals a day. This will give her a healthy option to graze on all day.

What I included in my Survival Kit was…

  • cucumbers
  • grapes
  • celery
  • cheese sticks
  • bananas
  • healthy homemade banana muffins (I made the other day)
  • protein bars
  • trail mix (she needs a little crunchy somewhere)

You can choose anything you wish. I chose these because I know my daughter will eat these.

I hope this hack helps you as well. I am posting it because I had never seen a solution to handle steroids and the effects they can have on an appetite.

I knew when I came home from the store with her food, unless I made these easily available the likelihood of her grabbing and running was not going to happen. So preparations began and I am so thankful God gave me the wisdom to do this.

Now I am sharing it with you in case you have never thought of it either.

Happy Hack Wednesday!


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Preparing Meals In Advance

Life Hack 101


My friend, are you tired of having to prepare meals every day and struggle like myself in deciding what will be for supper?

Try this handy life hack, prepare a weeks worth of meals all at one time. As you are making one meal consider preparing several others at the same time.

I did this on Sunday and I am so thankful I did. It took me two hours which in the spectrum of the time saved this week was well worth the effort.

Several of the meals I prepared in advance are included below…

  • meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, and frozen peas and carrots
  • saute’ed mushrooms, onions, and cooked chicken chunks served over a bed of riced cauliflower and salute’ed asparagus
  • baked chicken, mashed potatoes, chicken gravy, Brussel sprouts
  • chicken tostados
  • beef and cheese nachos
  • homemade pizza

I precooked all the meats and separated into meal portions.

I peeled and diced potatoes and placed in plastic bags according to their portion size. I put a small amount of water in the bags and then froze them. This keeps the potatoes from browning while waiting for their meal to be cooked.

I used my food processor to cut a head of cauliflower into riced pieces. After I cut the cauliflower into rice form, I placed in a bag and put in the freezer to keep it from turning mushy while I wait for its meal day.

I made my homemade pizza dough ahead of time as well. I placed in an oiled plastic bag and refrigerated until I am ready for its meal.

As for my vegetables, half of them are already frozen while some are fresh with no preparation work required.

My friends, this has been such a helpful way to save time in daily meal planning.

I will be posting the recipes to these meals as I have time to write them up.

Here are a few pictures meals I prepared over the weekend.

Beef and Cheese Nachos


Mushrooms Onions and Chicken

Riced Cauliflower

Peeled and Cubed Potatoes


Homemade Pizza Dough

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Maximizing The Life of Your Bananas

Life Hack 101

Maximizing The Life of Your Bananas

E8F9FD00-B5F6-4950-9541-0A60AB286B97Do you ever buy a bunch of bananas that are a beautiful shade of bright yellow but find in only a couple of days they have brown spots all over them?

Try this trick when you buy them and you will get a few extra days of freshness in them before they start growing brown spots and get soft.

5FD513C4-D198-4B59-BCAD-BFAFD523BBF7After you buy your banana and bring them home, immediately separate them from the stock and let them rest individually. They will stay ripe for a few more days.


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Surviving The Cold

Life Hack 101

What To Do If Your Furnace Goes Out During A Cold Freeze

December 29, 2017

54ECE801-123E-4744-A950-7DE92A4C4B64With the weather turning cold for so many people now is the time when furnaces are not able to keep up with it and have a tendency to break.


We have experienced this first hand. Unfortunately, our furnace went out last night and we are still waiting for the repair man to come by to make our cold house warm again.

I am pulling together a few thoughts I have had and done to survive this cold time and I am going to share them with you in case you are in a similar situation or find yourself in one during these winter months.

  • One, open you cabinets to expose your plumbing to your heat source in your house. There would be nothing worse then having a furnace repair bill as well as a plumbing bill for frozen pipes.
  • Before going to bed allow your faucets to drip water. Moving or running water takes longer to freeze then does water that is standing still.
  • If you do not have a space heater or two, they are worth the investment when you don’t need one. You do not want to go buy them at the same time as an unexpected furnace repair bill. This is not good if your finances are tight.
  • Clean your oven. What better time to make your house warm from cleaning your oven then now. I can promise you it works. I did it this morning.
  • I also got up at 530 this morning because I had an appointment first thing and made my family a Healthy Banana Oatmeal Bread (I will be posting this recipe as well) that took an hour to bake. This helped to get some warmth in my house first thing this morning as well.
  • The last hack I can think of is to do laundry.  By running your dryer you will be surprised how much heat it can put out that you are not aware of when you are warm.

It is my sincere hope and prayer this does not happen to you during this cold season, but if it does, I hope you find warmth and comfort in using some of these ideas.

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Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Life Hack 101

Decorating Small Kitchens

Today’s life hack is designed for the person who has a small kitchen but wants to have a Little Christmas in it.

Consider using…

Decorative Christmas towels hanging around on a refrigerator or oven handles.

Cookie cutters on display because they are small and not bulky.

Christmas cookie jar on your counter or island.  It is decorative, festive, and functional.

Do you have a clear juice pitcher? Try putting clear lights in the bottom with translucent snowflakes you can buy at the dollar store. Place near an outlet and it makes a beautiful and festive nightlight after dark. You can also put beautiful Christmas flowers in the top to bring some color and beauty to your counter.

Last, how about a smaller lit jar. You can use a Mason jar with Christmas lights in it. My best friend made this for me several years ago. It is simplistic but cute. All you need to do is paint a mason jar, add lights and a winter hat using an old fuzzy sock. It is a great winter or Christmas feature to any kitchen counter.

These are all ideas that are easy to do and space savers for anyone who has a small kitchen.

Happy decorating!

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Make Your Bed Immediately

Make Your Bed Every Morning

Life Hack 101

December 11, 2017

211C2B0D-819D-4F7A-B990-0A45343F13F2.pngThis life hack seems so simple, but for me it truly helps to get your day started in the right direction.

When you get out of bed, turn around and immediately make your bed. Don’t even give yourself time to walk away, do it right then.

By making your bed immediately you have already done one chore, but the biggest asset is knowing mentally you can not climb back in it.

Now, no matter how hard you it was to get up, you must now stay up and get your day started.

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Life Hack 101

Cleaning Up After Cooking and Baking

How To Survive The Piles of Dirty Dishes During This Busy Season

DB5A7664-3A91-4C59-A45B-E2EB8A65BD1CAre you like me sharing the fact we hate washing tons of dishes after cooking and baking?

I learned a long time ago to multi-task this horrible chore. While my food is cooking or baking I wash up the load of dishes that I dirtied while making what is cooking now.

It is a huge time saver because you should stay in or around the kitchen to be sure your food isn’t burning.

By doing this you not only free yourself up some time physically, but it will help to free your mind of time as well. By doing this you will have more time to do an activity, run errands or go shopping, or  it will free you up the time to just sit back and put your feet up allowing time for some much needed relaxation.

This seems like a simple hack, but some of my greatest ideas in life have come from people sharing their thoughts while others like me say, “ Why didn’t I think of that.”

Happy Cleaning Up!