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Honoring and Remembering Our Heros’s

Credit: Home. Life. Encouragement  Remembering Memorial Day 2020 I am remembering and honoring my dad and his memory this Memorial Day weekend. My dad passed away February 13, 2008 due to the injuries he sustained during the Vietnam War. He selflessly joined the United States Marines to serve his Country and sustained life altering injuries… Continue reading Honoring and Remembering Our Heros’s

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Thanksgiving Blessings

I am wishing everyone a special message of Thanksgiving today. To those who will celebrate with joy as well as those who will struggle with loneliness and pain, I am sending you my love, peace, and encouragement that today will be a day to celebrate or a day to reflect and be thankful for the… Continue reading Thanksgiving Blessings

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Honoring The Service of Our Veterans

Credit: Home. Life. Encouragement Thank you to all who have served to protect our Country and our Freedoms. If you ever question the state of our Country and all her faults, consider living outside of it. You will quickly realize the full impact of her worth when you do. I am blessed and honored to… Continue reading Honoring The Service of Our Veterans

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Recognizing Important People

We are a few weeks away from a busy month of recognizing important people in our lives. We have Mother’s Day coming up! Teachers and Nurses Appreciation Weeks as well. Do you have these important people in your lives? If you do, we are your one stop shop to make meaningful and special gifts for… Continue reading Recognizing Important People

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Today Is The Day To Make Memories

Christmas Note of Encouragement Yesterday was a day of relief and one of reflection. Kiddo and I went to our local mall to return a text book she rented for a college class. We are both relieved to know, after an extremely difficult first semester with her being so sick a lot of it, that… Continue reading Today Is The Day To Make Memories

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The Struggles of Important Days

Encouragement Today As I scrolled through my Facebook and Instagram accounts first thing this morning and saw all the sweet Father’s Day messages and memories. However, God placed it on my heart to write to those people who may not have those memories or that sweet and magical relationship with their father. Unfortunately, there are… Continue reading The Struggles of Important Days

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Remembrance and Reflection

Memorial Day A day for reflection and remembrance. Today is not a day for fireworks or partying. It is a day for remembering those brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for our Nation. Be sure to take the time to reflect on those who lost their lives defending the freedoms which our Nation… Continue reading Remembrance and Reflection

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Remembering Our Fallen

Encouragement Today All gave some and some gave all. This Memorial Day weekend take some reflect upon those who have given all so that we can live in the land of the free. The freedoms we continue to take for granted everyday does not come without a cost. The cost is our brave men and… Continue reading Remembering Our Fallen

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Honoring My Dad’s Memory

Encouragement Today I am writing today with a heavy heart because it marks the 10 year anniversary of my sweet dad's death. It doesn't seem possible that my dad has been gone for so long. He seems so alive in my heart, my mind, and my thoughts. Not a day goes by without thinking of… Continue reading Honoring My Dad’s Memory

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Remembering Our Fallen

Christmas Encouragement December 16, 2017 With all the joy and cheer around this time of the year, we often forget about those whose pain never goes away. These are the people who have experienced the loss of a loved one. No matter how much they want to move on, their heart always aches for the… Continue reading Remembering Our Fallen