My Site Is Under Construction

To my new readers and followers, please excuse the dust and the mess as I finish creating this page.

I am working very hard on exporting my pages from my other blog to this one, but it seems that the more I work on it, the longer my page list gets on here.

I am hoping by the end of the day to have this issue resolved.

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Encouragement Today

Welcoming Tuesday With Strength

Good Morning Friend.  As I was mentally preparing for my day, God revealed to me He would provide the strength I will need to get through the day.  So the promise of strength is what I am sharing with you.

I don’t know what lies ahead for your day, but here is a verse you can cling to if you are in need of one.


“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭40:29‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Your promise from God is that He has gone ahead of you and paved a way for everything you will encounter. Nothing will take him by surprise. He is your strength and if you take that promise with you, the enemy will not be able to wage battle against you.

I too will be clinging to this verse as my Kiddo who has been battling heal issues for over 2 years has her phase one of two sinus surgeries this morning.  It is actually a procedure because it is “suppose” to be “easy” and outpatient, but it is still something we haven’t experienced.  It is my prayer as they do this today that it is in fact easy because they are doing her easy side first. Next week comes the more difficult side that has a ton of issues.  I know she has this and that God will be with the surgeons hands. It is just a shame this couldn’t have been done about a year and half ago. She has endured more than anyone should have to. Her on going health issues is just one of our many struggles we have been through in the past few years, but with perseverance we made it here.

In closing, remember your strength is your hope for today. God will make you stronger than you thought you could ever be. Guard your thoughts so the enemy doesn’t rob it from you. Guard your heart, guard your thoughts, and guard your family with this strength you will have today.


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Increasing Communication

Spending Time Updating Blog

Adding a Facebook Link

I have been busy today trying to update our page by adding a link to a newly created facebook page.

The link is Home Life & Encouragement Facebook

This page will offer a place to share posts and pictures and offer a place for discussions and communication.

It is designed to be a safe place so bad behavior will not be tolerated.  If bad behavior presents itself, that person will be blocked from our group. It is meant to be a safe place for people to go and experience the peace and comfort to share their  feelings without fear of rejection. We are all adults and I expect people will act accordingly.

The link does work despite it stating in red that it doesn’t. I am working on trying to fix the error note, but until I get it fixed know this page is up and running.

Please prayerfully consider joining our newly formed group.


Encouragement Today

One Day At A Time

Just a reminder today to look at only “today” if you find your schedule is overwhelming.

God directs us to only look at today and to only worry about today for tomorrow has its own worries.

You’ve got this friend!

Just put one foot in front of the other for just today.


“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own”. Matthew 6:34 NIV


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Life’s Little Blessing of Laughter

Life can find itself heavy at times and when this occurs, laughter can be the first thing to go thus robbing us from the joy and healing power it has over our lives.

Unfortunately, due to massive stress I have been under, I have found laughter is a blessing I have lost.  My joy and fun have been replaced by fear, anger, and stress..

Our day started out unexpectedly at yet but another doctor visit which enabled us to visit our favorite nurse and doctor at the end of that appointment.

This was important to us because they provided my daughter with the most gentle and encouraging medical care one could ever hope for or be blessed by.


Laughter always comes about when this doctor is seen whether it is for medical help or by simply visiting him.

He has the amazing ability to bring humor out of the worst pain you could be experiencing or out of a quick stopping by to just say hi because he has become our favorite doctor out of all the doctors my daughter has been seen by over the past two plus years.

Thanks to this visit today, we were able to spend time experiencing the blessing of laughter and the healing power it has over the stress of our life.

 It felt so good and I always walk away from days like this with the gentle reminder from God of the healing power laughter holds.

Thank You God for this unexpected blessing today.

We pray for many more with the very busy weeks that lie ahead.



Welcome To My New Journey 

Welcome to my new blog.
I am starting over new with a whole new blog from my previous one that has seen me through many years of homeschooling.  It originally started out as a homeschool resource, but I am feeling God is wanting me to write from my heart to reach other people’s hearts. 

Many posts I will be writing about will be light hearted while others will be from deep within my heart.  One thing I promise to do as I begin this new journey is to write from a heart which a God is asking me to do.  

We have lived many years of hard times and I have never shared them as I am a very private person, but I have always told God I can continue to walk this difficult road if it means it will touch someone else however,  in order to reach others with our story it needs to be told. God is showing me now is the time to start telling my story. 

My hope and prayer as I write about my story is that it will encourage those who follow my journey. 


Construction Zone

Preparations Being Made For A New Journey

Please be patient  as I put this blog together.  I will be making changes until God shows me what my final blog will look like. It is my prayer when the changes are complete this will become an amazing God inspiring blog which will provide comfort, encouragement, peace, and strength to those who read it.

Thank you for your patience as I build this blog.