Life See’s The Beauty Through The Heart

Christmas Encouragement

December 21, 2017

08BDB5FB-5233-48A8-92A0-75E0F73B9038Are you having a tough start to your day?

Are you waking up to the anxiety of a never-ending to do list?

Are you feeling anxious as you look at the calendar and know the clock is quickly ticking away at getting everything finished in time for Christmas?

As for me, I started mine out a bit rough. My body woke up to an early alarm to give my Kiddo her pain medicine,  but as for my brain, stayed in bed.

As I went about the house trying to get my day started, I kept forgetting what I was doing.

While in that mindset, I went to the living room, for who knows what reason, to find this sweet little boy sitting here perfectly poised as a Christmas present under the tree.

I couldn’t resist getting this picture and as I posted it to Instagram God gave me these encouraging words which I want to share with you as well.

God allows us to see the beauty amongst our mess when we take the time to open our hearts to see it. 

My Friend, your life might be a little bit chaotic at the moment, but as the days wind down and Christmas Day approaches, don’t forget to take the time to look at those around you and see the beauty in the moments you could have missed had you forgotten to look at the beauty of life through your heart. 

Another day down, another day closer to the Merriest Day of all, Christmas 🎄.

Don’t forget to look for something beautiful today and make it a memory that will spread joy to your heart.

Merry Christmas!

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