Rest and Rejuvenate

Christmas Encouragement

December 15


Is the weight of the season weighing heavy on your heart?

Do you still have to…

  • Buy your Christmas tree and decorate it?
  • Are you still in need of buying an outfit for your office Christmas party or your child’s Christmas recital?
  • Do you still need to bake some cookies for your Christmas cookie exchange?
  • Do you still need to find the time to make those homemade Christmas ornaments or gifts with your kids.
  • Do you still want to make that yearly gingerbread house?
  • Do you still need to mail off your presents at the Post Office?
  • Is all of this catching up to you mentally and emotionally?

My friend, you are not alone. I’m there with you. My list looks similar to this to include my daughter’s foot surgery this coming Monday morning, but I’m here to remind you what God put on my heart for us to hear.

He is reminding us to rest and take the time to breathe.

“And He said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”” Exodus 33:14 NKJV

I know this advice seems odd when the quantity of time is not plentiful, but God’s promise is never returned void. When He makes a promise He stands by His Word.

My friend, take the time to…

  • Sit down in a place where you find peace and relaxation.
  • Open His Word with your favorite drink, coffee, cocoa, or egg nog.
  • Let God refresh you mentally and emotionally.
  • Ask Him for guidance in re-evaluating your check list to be sure it is realistic and make the necessary adjustments according to how God is guiding you.

If you take the time to breathe and refresh your mind, body and soul, God will rejuvenate you and will bless you with the time and ability to get everything done, but not just done, but done with the joy and the spirit of the Holiday Season.

My Friend, take this time to rest from your weariness and allow God to ease you from the weight of the Holiday Season.

You’ve Got This! Take the time today to rest and rejuvenate.

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