Tell Even The Grouchiest People Merry Christmas

Encouraging Others As Christ Does For Us

December 8, 2017

F446E170-4B4A-40BE-B078-E9BC13BEBA49 am not sure if it is me or if others are feeling the same way, but the closer we get to Christmas it is becoming more challenging to keep the Holiday Spirit alive and blossoming in my heart.

As I drive down the roads or through the store parking lots the patience of the drivers is nerve racking at best. I just want to say, “Come on people, it is Christmas time. Where is your patience and kindness?”

I think this season as I have made a valiant effort to remain cheerful in a society that appears to be less then joyful, I am feeling challenged to keep my Christmas Spirit alive and well.

I found this bible verse encouraging on a day I was struggling. It is my genuine hope and pray you find it equally encouraging, especially if you are in the same place I am.

“May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had.” Romans 15:5 NIV

No matter who is mean, no matter who is rude, God gave us a job to do and a very important one this time of the year. Let us give back the same encouragement He gives us.

Besides, if we look deep in our own hearts, don’t we act the same way towards Him? He continues to encourage us to not loose hope and gives us the endurance we need to keep going no matter how rude and grouchy we can be.

I am going to challenge you today, no matter who is rude and nasty to you, kindly smile and say Merry Christmas and let God do the rest, just as He does for us.


It is my prayer today that you have a truly blessed day!

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