Invest In Your Relationship

Encouragement Today

design-41Your Encouragement Today is a simple reminder that relationships are never guaranteed to remain healthy and secure if you are not willing to invest your love and time into them.

It is very dangerous when you begin to assume your loved one will always be there because you can never assume without love and work, that a relationship will remain secure and intact.

Everyone has seasons in their lives when life gets hard and difficult. If you are going through a time like this and you have pushed someone away but you have not made an attempt to reconnect, you need to know, you may be risking the possibility when you are ready to allow them back in your life, it may be too late. After you pushed your loved one away, you are not guaranteed they will continue to wait for you.

God designed us to build relationships based on love, communication, interaction, and connectivity. When you build a wall these relationships are no longer able to blossom and grow.

Think about a flower in the field. If it never received sun, water, and nutrients would it continue to grow? No, it would wither up and die.

My Friend, the same thing happens to our relationships. Without the proper investment of time, communication, and love, you can not assume you will have a relationship for a long term.

“You can not continue to make withdrawals from a love bank, without making deposits; for one day you will wake up realizing the account is closed due to bankruptcy.” – Unknown Author

My challenge for you today is this… if you are in a relationship that has been strained, consider doing something that will show your special person you still care, appreciate, and love them.

My friend, notice I did not say unconditional love? As much as we would like to believe our spouse or loved one loves us unconditionally, they do not always. They need to feel you still love them, appreciate them, and need them. If you do this for them then your love can remain unconditional, but if you do not, you can not assume this to be true. This is especially true if you have shut down and no longer provide these to your relationship.

Take some time today to invest in your “special person”. Show them you still love them. Make them feel that love they once had for you before you shut down or shut them out of your life.

It is my prayer it isn’t to late for you and your relationship if you are struggling today.

Do not wait! Do not assume they know you still love them! Show them!

Tomorrow is never guaranteed to us. Accidents happen and relationships die.

Do not let this happen to yours! Invest in yours today!

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