American Patriotism

Encouragement Today

This post isn’t meant to be political but it is meant to show the patriotismthat runs deeply through my soul.

I was born into a family who taught me to have a strong value and belief in God and Country.  As a result, I joined the Army at the age of 18 and I will never regret the years I served because they taught me what true dedication and loyalty means.  This dedication and loyalty molded me into the person I am today.  No matter what I do, how simple or complicated the task is, I always strive to do my best.

designI am posting a video for Today’s Encouragement because it deeply touches my heart.  I am not sure if you are one who will have a tear in your eye when you see the American Flag pass in front of you, or shed a tear when you hear our National Anthem, but if you do, then I consider myself in good company . I believe this is a true expression of Patriotism that runs deep in your very being.

This song touched my heart over the past couple of days so I am going to repost it here today.

Click on the following link at access today’s video,  Lee Greenwood and The Army Chorus singing his song, God Bless The USA. (This link isn’t working but if you pull it up on YouTube you will be able to hear it. I am so sorry.)

This song became meaningful and carried a powerful message to me when I was stationed in Korea.  Every time it played on the AFN Radio, everyone in the barracks would open up their doors and just blasted it as loud as they could.

We, as American Soldiers, were able to share this experience together feeling what true Patriotism feels like while serving on Foreign lands.  The Korean Soldiers we served with side by side never respected us as American Soldier’s.  By doing this we were able to show them no matter how much they disrespected us, we were going to stand together side by side while serving our Country.

It is my hope this will provide you with a comfort that Patriotism offers.  It is my hope God will bless you with a peace that can only come from Him.  Take a minute today and block out all the troubles your life is harboring and just soak in the words to this song.

Peace My Friend!  Let this peace pass over your heart today.

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