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Allow Your Visions To Pull You Towards Your Goals

Encouragement Today

My friend, are you contemplating a new journey in life? Are you deciding if you want to accept the job offer of your dreams? One you may have spent years working towards, but now it is here and you are nervous to accept it.

Are you indecisive about settling down and getting married and are concerned if this is truly the best time or if you should wait? Are you already married and are unsure if this is the “right” time to start having children or question how many you should have? Are you questioning if you should go so far as to adopt your children? These are all questions that are important and can be fearful while leaving you questioning if the timing is right or not.

Are you in a strained relationship and are deciding if this is the time to walk away to redeem a healthier life for yourself? You do not want to hurt the person you are struggling with, but at the same time, it is important to make yourself healthy again. This can be an extremely difficult decision, but one that a vision for your future will help you with.

Are you looking to follow a lifelong dream of running a marathon or hiking Mount Everest, but you do not know if this is the right time to follow this dream? Are you unsure if you have been training long enough and if your body is ready for this adventure? Trust in yourself and in your body. Do not let the fear of the failure or fatigue take root in your mind. Allow the vision to achieve this dream to pull you towards the goal.

My friend, as you find yourself at the crossroads of running towards the dreams you have dreamed and allowed them to be born, I would encourage you to not be held back by your reservations or fears. I would recommend you to follow the vision you hold in your heart and allow yourself to be pulled toward this vision.

“If you are working on something that you really care about, you do not have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”  Steve Jobs

Fear hinders many of us from following our dreams. Many of us remain in jobs we are not happy with. We stay in unhealthy relationships because of the fear of leaving or we remain lonely because fear paralyzes us from being happy.

My friend, I am praying you find the courage to put your fears behind you and allow your vision to truly pull you towards the life you hoped to have and the dreams you have dreamt you would achieve.

Reach for those visions to allow your dreams to be fulfilled.