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Merry and Bright

Credit: Home. Life. Encouragement Today's Encouragement is to remind you of the importance of showing kindness, being tenderhearted, and forgiving of those who are around you. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.Ephesians 4:32 ESV God's standards are higher that what we place on ourselves. First, Kindness.… Continue reading Merry and Bright

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Recognizing Important People

We are a few weeks away from a busy month of recognizing important people in our lives. We have Mother’s Day coming up! Teachers and Nurses Appreciation Weeks as well. Do you have these important people in your lives? If you do, we are your one stop shop to make meaningful and special gifts for… Continue reading Recognizing Important People

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Notes of Kindness

Leaving Simple Notes Random Acts of Kindness are investments worth making in someone who means a lot to you. Simple notes are truly the most thoughtful gift anyone could ever give someone. Consider leaving one for someone where they least expect it to let them know they were thought of or loved today. The image… Continue reading Notes of Kindness

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Be The Sun In Someone’s Day

Encouragement Today Today's Encouragement is inspired by the resilience of the American people while struggling through this catastrophic hurricane, Hurricane Florence. "If you are feeling helpless, help someone." Aung San Suu Kyi It truly breaks my heart to see all the devastation occurring just south of us, but to see people helping people is a… Continue reading Be The Sun In Someone’s Day

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Strangers Helping Strangers

Encouragement Today I am going to share a wonderfully encouraging story about when humanity does the right thing. I just wish this was something I did not have to write about because to write about it means it is something that does not happen regularly anymore. I spend a lot of time on the road… Continue reading Strangers Helping Strangers

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Changing Lives One Smile At A Time

Encouragement Today Today’s Encouragement  is coming in the form of a challenge. Think about something you have experienced whether good or bad. Now ask God to show you someone, whether you know them, are related to them, or they are total strangers who may be experiencing something similar to what you have experienced. Today’s challenge… Continue reading Changing Lives One Smile At A Time

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Encouraging Others This Christmas Season

Christmas Encouragement December 20, 2017There is nothing more comforting then to receive a note of encouragement when you least expected it. How many times has your heart been heavy with the burdens of life and you just did not know what you were going to do until you either read or heard some words of… Continue reading Encouraging Others This Christmas Season

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Opening Our Hearts To Others

Christmas Encouragement Today During this busy season do not forget to take the time to be a friend to those you love or show a simple act of kindness to the stranger on the street. The simple random act of kindness can leave the biggest impact on the person who is in need of it.… Continue reading Opening Our Hearts To Others

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Being Thankful For Random Acts of Kindness

Happy Thanksgiving I am going against the tradition of thankfulness this year. Everyone is always thankful for family and friends and I am as well, but this year I want to express my thankfulness to the person who shows a random act of kindness. This is the person who goes against the norm of selfishness… Continue reading Being Thankful For Random Acts of Kindness

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Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness Produces Encouragement in Others Good Evening Friends. I hope your week has started out well. As we all know, Monday's can often times bring great struggles. Tonight's encouragement will be short, but it is my prayer that it will be encouraging and enlightening. How many times do we get trapped in our little world where… Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness