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Merry and Bright

Credit: Home. Life. Encouragement Today's Encouragement is to remind you of the importance of showing kindness, being tenderhearted, and forgiving of those who are around you. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.Ephesians 4:32 ESV God's standards are higher that what we place on ourselves. First, Kindness.… Continue reading Merry and Bright

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The Path Less Traveled

You’ve got this Friend!  “Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go; just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome.” -Unknown You’ve got anything life can throw your way. God has empowered you with the strength,… Continue reading The Path Less Traveled

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Open Our Eyes To Blessings

There are many days in life where we find it is overwhelming due to the busyness that surrounds us while living with the realization there is never enough time to get everything done that is required of us. Do you ever feel this way? You know those days where you struggle to open your eyes… Continue reading Open Our Eyes To Blessings

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Faith and Trust Conquer Fear

What Happens When Stress Becomes Unbearable? Is your life difficult at the moment because worries seem to be piling upon each other and you find the stress unbearable? Are you in a season of transition, whether you are seeking a new job opportunity or moving to another state or country and you find the stress… Continue reading Faith and Trust Conquer Fear

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What Do You Have In Your Boxes

Journaling Thoughts Choosing Which Box to Open I must just sit down and take some time to decompress from the stress of life. I feel like I am trapped on a hamster wheel and I cannot get off. I know everyone has problems, we are all human, but how we handle them is completely different.… Continue reading What Do You Have In Your Boxes

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Pondering Thoughts of Hardships

I wanted to take a moment in the quietness of my house to reflect upon as well as remind my readers that peace does have the possibility to be restored in your life. I had to get up early this morning to give my baby dog his medicine and discovered he would need more homemade… Continue reading Pondering Thoughts of Hardships

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Sharing My God Revealing Moment

Encouragement TodayToday's encouragement is coming in the form of a lesson God showed me this morning  and will be followed by a challenge. Have you ever taken the time to truly think about who God is? I know many of you will say yes, but I mean truly took time to ponder deep down inside… Continue reading Sharing My God Revealing Moment

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Your Heart Has Your Joy

Encouragement Today Today's Encouragement is to remind you no matter how dark life might be or how sad and discouraged you may find yourself, there is still a joy which can be found in your heart because God lives within you. The author of Psalm 16:11 reminds us, "You will show me the path of life;… Continue reading Your Heart Has Your Joy

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Touching Lives Creates Treasured Moments

Encouragement Today Today's Encouragement is inspired by this quote... "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou Today's challenge is to seek out a reason to make someone feel special. It is easy enough to do… Continue reading Touching Lives Creates Treasured Moments

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Hope Sees Through Darkness

Encouragement Today Today's Encouragement is coming through the form of "hope". Is your life so busy you no longer are able to enjoy it? Is there struggle and strife in a relationship with your spouse, children, or extended family members? Are financial struggles beating you up to the point where you want to quit and… Continue reading Hope Sees Through Darkness