What Is Your Focus Today?

Encouragement Today

I Will Not Be Shaken

Today I have included a music video for your inspiration. It is taken from “We Won’t Be Shaken” by Building 429. It is to encourage you to know that no matter what comes your way, you will not be shaken and your faith in God will stand firm and everything will be okay despite what life may look like.

Today is about planning my Kiddos 21st Birthday this weekend. We are doing a small family gathering to celebrate her special day. I also planned out what we will be eating for Thanksgiving since her birthday and Thanksgiving are within the same week this year.

Now I have a small window of opportunity to work on painting the trim in my living room. Today is about using my time wisely in order to get the most done in my day.

I had a minor set back with my own anxiety because my husband is home sick and in pain again. This is a source of anxiety for me as this usually does not end well as it is colon related. He has never been the same since he had a big section of his colon removed last year. This was why he was out of work for four weeks back in the summer.

I do not want to think my husband will be down and not able to go to work right at the holidays. We have done this so many times over the past couple of years and to think we could be short a paycheck now is disheartening.

I was encouraged by my sweet best friend this morning by reminding me to stay focused and grounded in God protecting us like he always does.

This is my focus today, to run my errands that I prepare for so my sweet daughter will have a wonderful 21st birthday and to work on finishing my painting and cleaning of my house so the holidays will be peaceful and relaxing and ones that will help to keep my daughter well and free of pain, as best as I can control.

My Friend, what is your focus today? 

Feel free to leave a comment below with what your focus is today.

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Finding Joy In Your Story

Encouragement Today

img_3243As I begin to write, I am uncertain what it will look like today.

My thoughts are so scattered and are all over the place. How do I tame them enough to round-up the words I need to encourage someone today?

Let me try by taking a small step in this direction. I am a founding member of this amazing book launch for “The Brave Art of Motherhood” by Rachel Marie Martin.

For 10 years she has encouraged and inspired mothers through the brightest and darkest days of motherhood. She has inspired me for years through her blog, Finding Joy, and I am not only encouraged by her, but I am blessed to be a part of her launch team.

As I read through her book, I have found myself inspired to think beyond my comfort zone as well as sparking a series of emotions both joyous and fearful. However, overall it is giving me the courage to make some changes I have been wanting to make in my life, but did not know how or when to make them.

img_3242-2I found today’s encouragement from a quote by Rachel Marie Martin, that has given me the courage to keep moving forward while trying to find some joy in where I am during the difficult month I have had.

“Sometimes you have to let go of the picture of what you thought life would be like and learn to find joy in the story you are actually living.” Rachel Marie Martin

It is my hope and prayer today that if you find yourself in a difficult time or situation, that you are able to, “…let go of the picture” you had in your mind of what you thought life would be like and instead, “…learn to find joy in the story you are actually living.”

There is no better time than the present to do this.

Start today my friend. “Find the joy in your story” and know God will use everything you are going through to encourage others as you go through day by day.

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Driving Life Home

img_1499I had to take a moment to brag on my Kiddo.

She has experienced many medical obstacles over the past years that have hindered her from getting her drivers license that today, I can proudly announce she has it.

She was suppose to get it on Monday, but could not due to a migraine.

She lost six months of valuable driving experience due to a foot injury that caused her to be in a boot, this being the injury that ended in a foot surgery.

Despite all of her medical issues that have set her back, this was a huge day of celebration for her. She is an example of the power of perseverance and determination.

Most people would have given up on this, but for her, she did not give up. She knew one day would come,  eventually and I am a proud momma to say that eventually was today.

This is the same hope I have for her to make it to college next and to be a lawyer one day. How, we do not know. When, we do not know, but I have the hope and assurance one day it will happen.

One day I will be such a proud momma that I will not be able to keep the tears from flowing down my cheeks for the tears of joy I will have.

I will forever have the precious memory in my heart of her walking through the DMV door and giving me her beautiful smile with a thumbs up that she made it.

Tonight I am sharing a simple story and the  joy we encountered as part of my Kiddos medical journey.

To those who are struggling with medical illness that consume your life, it is my desire to show you the importance of never giving up. If something means everything to you, do not loose hope in accomplishing this dream or goal one day. Your determination and perseverance will sustain you until one day you reach this  dream.

Have a great night and I hope your day was as nice as mine was today