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Friendships Are God’s Treasures On Earth

Encouragement Today Friendships are amazing treasures from God when you least expect it. This past week I have learned to treasure the ones I have because they walked into my life during times of our greatest darkness. They have proven their loyalty over and over again because the road they have walked has not been… Continue reading Friendships Are God’s Treasures On Earth

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Roadtrips To Friendships

Encouragement Today I am sharing my special weekend retreat through today’s blog post. If you follow my blog for any length of time, you will see that friendship is dear to my heart. I cherish each and every person I have in my life. I truly believe God placed each and every person in my… Continue reading Roadtrips To Friendships

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Honesty and Appreciation Touch Lives

Encouragement Today Honesty, kindness, love, and appreciation are powerful words. They have a way of transforming people’s lives. Do not underestimate the impact you are having on others if you are being honest, kind, and loving. Be “real” with your friends and relatives and when you are not around any more, they will forever love… Continue reading Honesty and Appreciation Touch Lives

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Cherish Your Friendships

Encouragement Today Friendships are special and should be cherished. Do not let your life get so busy that you forget to invest into you Sweet Friend and their friendship. Today’s challenge is to take the time to either text, call, or get together with you friend today to show them you are happy for their… Continue reading Cherish Your Friendships

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Cherished Friendships

How many people have entered into your life because you shared something in common? Do you share a job that is either a good or a bad one? Do you share the Military in common and have people come and go in your life between of either changes in duty stations or changes in assignments?… Continue reading Cherished Friendships