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You Are Not Alone

Credit: Home. Life. Encouragement I want to send out a note of encouragement to those who may be struggling during this time of celebration. As the holiday season comes to a close and we approach a new year, often times the pain we are holding now, we take with us. There are many who are:… Continue reading You Are Not Alone

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Gratitude Through Blessings and Hardships

Credit: Home. Life. Encouragement Gratitude Can Be Hard During Difficult Seasons Happy Thanksgiving Friends! I hope today is one that is full of sweet blessings and the making of sweet memories. I am, however, mindful of the many who are struggling despite it being a holiday. If you are one who is struggling, I will… Continue reading Gratitude Through Blessings and Hardships

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Focus on Growth

Credit: Home. Life. Encouragement Encouragement Today Is your life one you are thankful for? Is it everything you hoped for and are blessed to have or is it one you didn’t foresee having?  Consider this thought today,  “Your life is whatever you focus on.” Shadonna Richards As I observe my surroundings and watch the people around me, I… Continue reading Focus on Growth

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God Mends The Broken-Hearted

Dear Sweet Friend, Your pain is real. Your hurt is real. Your frustrations are real. Your fear is real. Your tears are real. I may not know what is weighing heavy on your hearts tonight, but I do not need to know. The One who needs to know, already knows. I know so many who… Continue reading God Mends The Broken-Hearted

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Opening Our Hearts to Gratitude

Credit:Homelifeandencouragement.com It is so easy to get knocked down by all that life throws our way. The busyness, the relationship struggles, the soccer practices, football games, dance recitals, or work struggles; but I want to be your place of encouragement this month. I want to be that gentle reminder to look past it all and… Continue reading Opening Our Hearts to Gratitude

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Faith Believes in The Impossible

Credit: Homelifeandencouragement.com I am sharing some comfort, as well as hugs, to those who find themselves struggling with something today. My encouragement to those who find themselves battling in difficulties is this.... you will get through this time and you will get through this season of hardships. There is a key to remembering this and… Continue reading Faith Believes in The Impossible

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Strong Bonds

Credit: @homelifeandencouragement.com Friendships and sisterhood are bonds that are never broken. When you are too tired to hold your arms up in praise and worship, “I am here to hold them up for you. God sees your tears and hears your cries.”Unknown Author He sees your smile and hears your laughter. Just as He sees… Continue reading Strong Bonds

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Don’t Look Back And Don’t Get Stuck In The Middle — Trophy Of Grace

I am sharing a guest post today from a sweet friend over at Trophy of Grace / DON’T LOOK BACK & DON’T GET STUCK IN THE MIDDLE — TROPHY OF GRACE . I shared and linked you to her page as well. It is my desire you will be inspired by this wonderful post, especially… Continue reading Don’t Look Back And Don’t Get Stuck In The Middle — Trophy Of Grace

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Darkness Turns To Sunshine

Today's Encouragement is to remind you no matter how difficult life may seem, remain hopeful there are brighter days ahead. God uses these hard times to grow us just as parents do as well. How many times as a parent have you allowed your child to learn a difficult lesson only because it was something… Continue reading Darkness Turns To Sunshine

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Dance In The Rain

Encouragement TodayMy friend, today's thought is to remind you although it may be raining outside it does not mean it has to be a bad thing. Grab your rain coat, put on your goulashes and go outside to play in the rain. Think about when you were a child, how much fun was it to… Continue reading Dance In The Rain