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Christmas, A Time of Reflection and Many Emotions

Credit: Home. Life. Encouragement Merry Christmas to everyone who is on Christmas vacation and Christmas break. It is my sincere and heartfelt message that you are able to make some precious memories and spend some quality time together. Take the time to rest and watch Christmas movies together. Take the time to fill your home… Continue reading Christmas, A Time of Reflection and Many Emotions

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Gratitude Through Blessings and Hardships

Credit: Home. Life. Encouragement Gratitude Can Be Hard During Difficult Seasons Happy Thanksgiving Friends! I hope today is one that is full of sweet blessings and the making of sweet memories. I am, however, mindful of the many who are struggling despite it being a holiday. If you are one who is struggling, I will… Continue reading Gratitude Through Blessings and Hardships

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Faith Believes in The Impossible

Credit: I am sharing some comfort, as well as hugs, to those who find themselves struggling with something today. My encouragement to those who find themselves battling in difficulties is this.... you will get through this time and you will get through this season of hardships. There is a key to remembering this and… Continue reading Faith Believes in The Impossible

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The Path Less Traveled

You’ve got this Friend!  “Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go; just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome.” -Unknown You’ve got anything life can throw your way. God has empowered you with the strength,… Continue reading The Path Less Traveled

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Leave A Trail of Your Journey

Christmas Encouragement December 31, 2017 As I write my last Christmas Encouragement for 2017, I am closing out the year with a heavy heart. My heart is heavy because I see heartache all around. I see it in so many people I know and don't know. I see... Marriages that are struggling for many reasons… Continue reading Leave A Trail of Your Journey

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The Pain of Love Over Health Battles

It has been a very busy week full of confused emotions which I'm trying to process while I am trying to keep the spirit of Christmas in my heart. However when the stress of every day life doesn't know it should take a break during this joyful season, how do you remain cheerful, hopeful, and… Continue reading The Pain of Love Over Health Battles

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God Hears Your Prayers Through The Pain of Your Tears

Encouragement Today  Are you in a Season of hardship or one of many trials? Do you wonder just how you are going to take one more step forward or fight one more fight? Do you find your tears flow more often then the laughter you long to find again? My friend, know you are not… Continue reading God Hears Your Prayers Through The Pain of Your Tears