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Transforming Love Ministries Presents: She Steps Forward With Grace Virtual Women’s Conference

2021-03-26T19:00:00  days  hours  minutes  secondsuntilShe Steps Forward With Grace Virtual Women's Conference Credit: @transformingloveministries.org I am partnered up with Transforming Love Ministries (a women's ministry) for the launch of this year's 2021 Annual Women's Conference / She Steps Forward with Grace Virtual Conference. Mark your calendars for March 26-27, 2021, and to order your tickets,… Continue reading Transforming Love Ministries Presents: She Steps Forward With Grace Virtual Women’s Conference

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Open Our Eyes To Blessings

There are many days in life where we find it is overwhelming due to the busyness that surrounds us while living with the realization there is never enough time to get everything done that is required of us. Do you ever feel this way? You know those days where you struggle to open your eyes… Continue reading Open Our Eyes To Blessings

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Purposely Seeking Joy and Renewal

Seeking My Joy TodayMy joy today has been seeing the beauty of the new spring growth popping up every where. Every day there are more leaves on the trees, more blossoms on the bushes and beautiful flowers showing up in the flower beds. This new growth reminds me that no matter how dead life may… Continue reading Purposely Seeking Joy and Renewal

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Living Intentional

Seeking Joy In Our Lives During this time of constant busyness and chaos, we find it easy to focus on all the difficulties and hardships life brings us, but today, I want us to "intentionally focus" on finding something joyful in our day. For some, this may be found in the smallest of places, while… Continue reading Living Intentional

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Celebrate New Beginnings

Encouragement Today Todays Encouragement is simple. Start today out with a fresh new start. Do not look back at yesterday because you have already lived it. Live today for it’s own day. Do not carry yesterday’s burdens into today either. Ask God to show you what He wants you to do and do as He… Continue reading Celebrate New Beginnings

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Surround Yourself With Unconditional Love

 Christmas Encouragement Surrounding yourself with the people who love you and appreciate you helps to make Christmas a truly special time of the year. They are all who matter in this world because thankfully knowing they love you unconditionally truly  makes you feel “special”.