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Rejuvenate Your Strength in Hope

Credit: Home. Life. Encouragement I wanted to remind you there is power and strength in “hope”. I recently realized the strength, power, and encouragement in the words grace, mercy, and faith, but hope tends to be neglected. I recently felt God nudging me to share this story with you since He rejuvenated us with the… Continue reading Rejuvenate Your Strength in Hope

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Giving Our Children Our Time

Credit: Home. Life. Encouragement I spent the afternoon helping my daughter get ready for her preschoolers this week. I did not have this help as I grew up, and because I didn’t, it is my intention to help her as long as I am able to do so. She made some fall and Christmas play… Continue reading Giving Our Children Our Time

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Living My Real

A Day in The Life of Our Medical Journey Credit: Home. Life. Encouragement This is how I am starting my day again. Sitting in a doctor’s office parking lot. Today is a bit harder though. Today I could just sit here and weep as my daughter walks off by herself to go get 25-30 nerve… Continue reading Living My Real

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Bubbles and Experiments, The Things Memories Are Made From

Credit: Home. Life. Encouragement In my quest to bring my blog back to life, I have decided to not just share encouraging information, but to share some our everyday living as well. I will be adding a new category to my blog and I will be calling it Living The Everyday Life. This will be… Continue reading Bubbles and Experiments, The Things Memories Are Made From

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Mom, You Are Enough

Image and Post are Credited to Rachel Marie Martin @findingjoy.net and @TheBraveArtofMotherhood.com  Encouragement Today Are You A Tired and Discouraged Mom? Are you a mom who finds herself struggling with the exhaustion of the mundane day to day life of raising your children.  I would like to share with you a powerful and encouraging blog… Continue reading Mom, You Are Enough

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Sunshine Among The Dark Clouds

Journaling Journey Entry 1 Today we started the day out at the allergy office and Kiddo received her allergy shots for another week. I am not sure what they did this time, but it appears this set of shots is going to bruise. Today I asked her how she felt and received a generic response… Continue reading Sunshine Among The Dark Clouds

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A Summary of Where My Journaling Journey Begins

Let me begin my Journaling Journey by providing you with an update of what my sweet daughter's medical journey has been like. When my daughter was 13 she began complaining frequently about having headaches. I dismissed them initially by simply telling her to take some Tylenol if it hurt bad enough for medicine. Then by… Continue reading A Summary of Where My Journaling Journey Begins

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Thank You, Parents, For Being Present

This is a special note to all of our great parents. Thank you for sharing the love of a parent with your child. Thank you for walking hand in hand with your child. Thank you for going to all the football, baseball, soccer, field hockey, volleyball ball games and so many more. Thank you for… Continue reading Thank You, Parents, For Being Present

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The Warmth of A Parent’s Heart

Motivation Monday There is nothing more rewarding that touches a mom’s heart then to unexpectedly hear the words, “Mom, you’re the best.” Mom’s and dad’s, we all know our kids hearts. We know how to touch them and reach them. We know what their love language is and we try to talk to them and… Continue reading The Warmth of A Parent’s Heart