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Be Strong and Courageous

Credit: Home. Life. Encouragement There are so many people struggling with anxiety for a variety of issues today. There are many who are battling with issues Covid-19 has caused. Many are battling the virus, while others may be feeling the effects of having their jobs impacted, or are being forced to live in isolation. It… Continue reading Be Strong and Courageous

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Replacing Anxiety with Gratitude, Loving, And Kind Gestures

Credit: Home. Life. Encouragement We are closing out an extremely difficult week for many people. For anyone who has followed the news or social media feeds, you are well aware of the state our world is in. I have come to realize over the week there are many people who are struggling with anxiety and… Continue reading Replacing Anxiety with Gratitude, Loving, And Kind Gestures

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Real Gets Lost In The Artificial

Just feeling.... Tired Frustrated Exhausted Worn Out Spent Frazzled Just wanting to... Cry Sleep Eat your favorite comfort food Take a hot shower Read Write Take a trip Escape from reality Hang out with friends Run away Experience is reality... Need to finish a project at work Need to clean house Need to get groceries… Continue reading Real Gets Lost In The Artificial

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Look Up When Darkness Surrounds You

Journaling Journey Are you finishing up a difficult night like we are? Our night has been difficult because Kiddo had a tough one. She has not felt good all day, but despite this issue, she still had to do her weekly IgG Infusion. She felt defeated and beat down. She struggles on nights like tonight… Continue reading Look Up When Darkness Surrounds You

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Believe In Yourself Today

Today, I want to encourage you to, "Believe in yourself." This simple phrase has kept coming back to me since this past weekend, and the time has come to share it with you as well. Do you find you struggle with... Thoughts of self-doubt? Lack of self-confidence? Lack of trust for others? Believe lies you… Continue reading Believe In Yourself Today

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Prepare or Evacuate

Just my 2 cents.... evacuating is not an easy choice to make. Every family has logistics that are unique to their family. Not everyone has a never ending paycheck or savings account. Not everyone lives where there is someone to go stay with. In this storm going West is not an option unless you go… Continue reading Prepare or Evacuate