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Draw Close To What Inspires and Motivates You

I am here to encourage you today to do something that is inspirational, motivational, and makes you happy.

I challenge you to find a time to allow peace and harmony in your life today. At some point to allow yourself to breathe and find a place of rest. Even if it nothing more than taking a quick break at work. Take a quick walk. Listen to your favorite song or music. Try a few breathing techniques. It doesn’t matter what you do so long as you take the time to find that place of peace and harmony you need to get you through the day.

Dream big and reach for what motivates you. Consider that job promotion that would have scared you before. Consider that class you have always wanted to take, or simply reach for the stars. Dream bigger than what you believe is possible as that is where God will reach you and give you the strength to achieve them.

Lastly, have the courage to conquer your fears. Place your faith over your fear and reach for what allows you to grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. You will never regret what you strive for. You will only regret what you do not reach for.

Have a wonderful day!!

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Inspiring Your Heart to Shine Brightly

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Are you struggling with believing you are beautiful?

Are you struggling with believing the lies society tells you, the lies where no one truly measures up to anyone unless you are a certain size with a specific hair color, length or style? Are you struggling with the lies you are not beautiful because you do not measure up to the Jones’?

Today’s encouragement is to inspire you to believe you are beautiful because the beauty you hold is humbly hidden in your heart.

The Bible tells us in Matthew 5:3-12 what true beauty is and where it can be found. God placed in our hearts not to hide it, but to shield it from the corruption of this world.

  • He allows it to be seen when it shines through our eyes as we smile at others, whether we know them or whether they are total strangers.

Have you ever walked through a crowded place, feeling beat down by your circumstances and with the weight of the world resting upon your shoulders, but you look up and a total stranger gives you an unexpected beautiful smile? There is something majestic that happens at just that moment in time. It is a moment where God allowed the true beauty of that person to shine through.

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  • Beauty comes through the words with which we speak when we speak love, comfort, mercy, and encouragement to those who are down and discouraged.

Have you been so discouraged that you could not bear one more discouraging word to be spoken or have one more moment of frustration to occur, but you received a random text, note on your desk, or a total stranger say a kind word to you in the grocery store check-out line? My friend, those kind words are the beauty the person rendering them is holding in their heart.

  • Beauty comes through the form of physical touch.

It comes through the arms of someone giving a hug when they need a compassionate touch or if they need some extra love at just that moment.

  • Beauty comes through the form of compassion, strength and mercy.

People who find themselves grieving or are in an unimaginable pain will see the beauty in your heart, through the compassion you have in your eyes and the soft gentle words you will speak.

They will feel the strength and mercy from your arms as you gracefully touch them or hold them.

They will also feel the beauty in your heart through the gentle touch of your hands as you help them in areas of need. Whether it is by doing their dishes, folding their laundry, or mowing their yard. The activity you do with your hands allows your beauty to shine through in a meaningful and concrete way.

My friend, the beauty God gave you is one which radiates through the darkness while bringing joy to those who are in their deepest of needs.

God’s beauty is not one that can be purchased at a hair or nail salon. It isn’t one that can be purchased at a clothing or shoe store. It is one that comes through our personality with which God instilled in our hearts.

My friend, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Remember today, you are Beautiful!!!


This is intended for the handsome gentlemen here as well. Just replace beauty with handsome and it all applies to you as well.

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Mom, You Are Enough

Image and Post are Credited to Rachel Marie Martin @findingjoy.net and @TheBraveArtofMotherhood.com 

Encouragement Today

Are You A Tired and Discouraged Mom?

Are you a mom who finds herself struggling with the exhaustion of the mundane day to day life of raising your children. 

I would like to share with you a powerful and encouraging blog post written by my friend, Rachel Marie Martin from @findingjoy.net. She wrote this to encourage the mom who is struggling to find joy in being a mom today.

Why Being Mom Is Enough.

“Being a mom is enough.

It’s enough, I say.

Sometimes we want to look to those big things and use them as a grade for success. We look at the cool science fair projects where our child got the blue ribbon. But, honestly, we miss the hours of interacting and holding glue sticks and looking up things and laughing side by side. We want the trips to Disney or American Girl Doll and discount the time spent in the backyard. The bar of success and joy and happiness gets pushed so high by culture that the little things, the enough mom moments, are lost.” -Rachel Marie Martin @findingjoy.net and @TheBraveArtofMotherhood.com

This post touched my heart today because, for years, I struggled with measuring the success of being a mother against the success I could have had with the career I gave up when I became a mom.
I think because I didn’t grow up with a realistic image of what motherhood was, (not that my mom was a bad mom, because she was not. She had severe health issues and found herself in an abusive marriage which compromised her ability to invest in us like we think of motherhood today).  I believe overall this contributed to my struggle to find my mother identity within the world of motherhood even still today.
Before I got married and had my daughter, I was a career driven person who knew what I wanted and was striving to achieve it (this my mother taught me). Then just as I was finishing up college, I met my husband and my life changed from that point forward. He was on active duty with the United States Army and within a year of being married, we came down on orders to move to Germany. After living in Germany for two and a half years, I became pregnant and within six months of returning back to America, my daughter was born. 
This is where I can truly say my life changed forever, even though mentally and emotionally I was not prepared for it, my daughter came along and I knew being a mom was more important to her than any career in Law Enforcement I could have had. 
This is why this post resonates with me today. It reminds me that being a mom “is” enough. Our kids do not measure us up to a career we have or could have had. They do not measure us up to our incomes we make. They measure us up to the papers we color, the books we snuggle and read together, or the puzzles we make with them. They measure us up to the hours of hiding and seek games we play, the cookies we bake, or the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches we make. 
My friend, it does not matter what you do with your kids, the only thing they really want is for us to love them, to share our moments with them, and to invest in them with our hearts and love. 
Mom, your reminder today is that “you are enough!” You are making a difference in your children by being “a Mom”. 

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Set Yourself Free From The Bondage of Masks


“Good Morning”, the cordial greeting of the day. You put a smile on your face and you return the appropriate greeting and then comes the common follow-up question which is, “How are you?” While you are still smiling, you say good and you?

This is how the typical Monday morning goes. You put on your mask and life is all good again, but is it really?

Do your masks look anything like mine? Do you have a happy face that is well-worn and beginning to fall apart? Do you have the, as my husband says, the neither here nor there face? How about the grouchy face (which if I am being honest is rather worn out)? Do you have the worried face (which has been my go-to mask with all the sickness my family has been through) or how about the frustrated and the angry face? These are my masks I have to hang beside my keys which are ready to grab as soon as I get my keys to go out the door.

Which mask do you grab for the concealment of your everyday real emotions? As for me, I grab a happy face because I can not show others that everything is not ok. Only the people who are close to me know what my real face looks like. To everyone else, they only know the mask I wear.

I often think of the masks I wear every time I mow my lawn. It is important to me to keep my lawn mowed because if my yard is in order then it reflects a well-ordered life from the outsider’s perspective. What the average person driving past my house does not realize, is that if they came through my front door, they would quickly realize I am struggling to keep the chaos and disorder at bay. My house many days is a mess (as my husband often says, and so is everyone else’s, who cares, but he doesn’t understand that I care). I have dog hair (in clumps at the moment) all over the place. My bathroom is in dire need of cleaning. I struggle to keep up with the laundry and my floors need to be vacuumed and mopped. Overall, the house is in desperate need of some love, cleaning, and maintenance.

I know many are reading this thinking I thought we all struggled with this every day? For me personally, it is a struggle I wish I didn’t have. When I gave up my career years ago to come home to be a stay at home mom, I took my responsibility seriously and part of this responsibility was to keep our home and family happy, organized, and free of chaos.

Unfortunately, unhappiness, chaos, and disorder are how we seem to live now. Money is tight, so when something breaks, we can not usually afford to fix it (unless it is something that is serious, such as my car). I am sitting at the car repair shop just this morning, waiting for my car to be fixed as I write this.

Between all the doctor appointments, I am always on the road running between appointment after appointment. Then when we get home from them, it is back in the car to get Kiddo to work, then run errands and return home to decide which is more important, the housework or trying to start my craft and graphic design business to get it off the ground so we can make some extra money, that we are desperately in need of.

So with all of the personal revelation I have made and the rawness of my “real” life, now you know a little more about who I am, personally. The “superficial” me is about keeping up appearances. I grew up being taught we are to be responsible and keep our feelings to yourself. You do not allow anyone to know how bad life can be. You hide this because outsiders are to only see your “best” behavior. Now years later, I find myself struggling with the fallacy of how I was raised while keeping up with the appearance that says, I look responsible and organized. The problem with this is on the inside I struggle with who I am now. I struggle with what I consider to be important. I find I am struggling with trying to figure out who the “real” me is for all the masks I have worn for so many years.

How about you? Do you struggle with this same identity crises because of the years you have worn your masks? Have you finally broke free from the bondage of the masks or are you still hiding? How did you break free?

I think the time has come to remove the masks and let our true identity be visible and shine through. I am challenging you today to make a commitment with me to allow your “real” face to be seen by others.

Today is the day we unmask and set ourselves free from the bondage of false identities.

Remember Today… You are beautiful when you are being your “real” self. Allow that person to be seen by everyone now.
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Facing Fears Allows You to Conquer Your Strength and Self-Confidence

Encouragement Today and Motivation Monday

My friend, do you struggle with the anxiety of doing things for others, whether they are for the first time or they are something you have done many times?

Do you struggle with the anxiety of never being able to match up to the expectations you feel others have for you?

My friend, today’s inspiration is for you. Check out this quote by Theodore Roosevelt,

“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.”  Theodore Roosevelt

Do not get lost in the anxiety and fear of trying to live up to other people’s expectations?   Honestly, if you do not match up to them now, you never will. If they expect more of you than what you can give, they are not worth being anxious for.

Release your convictions and emotions to please others and learn that you are enough just the way you are. You can only do what you are mentally and physically capable of doing and nothing more because God made you with only so much of “you” to give away.Do not give away any more than what you have.

Think about this, do you expect from them what you feel they expect from you? Most of the time the answer to this is no. Do not be upset and fearful for not being able to meet the needs they have for you. Relationships are meant to be two-way streets. A healthy one is where you meet in the middle even if this is met with a compromise, but they can not expect any more from you than what they are willing to give back in return.

If they can not like you or love you for who you are, then you need to reconsider the relationship you have. Set your boundaries to prevent them for expecting more than what you can deliver and if this is not good for them, you may need to do more soul-searching than what you were prepared to do.  You may need to consider whether this is a relationship worth having.

My friend, pray over all of this,

  • Pray over your relationship.
  • Pray over your anxiety with this person.
  • Pray over setting healthy boundaries with them.
  • Pray over what is healthy for you.
  • Pray over the communication you need to have with them.
  • Pray over the timing of everything God convicts you with.

When you have prayed over all of this, then have faith and trust God will show you what direction you should takein making this relationship either a healthier one or whether you should be dissolving it.

You have to remember that you are a priority in your own life before you can be a priority in someone else’s.If you are not, you will no longer be able to meet the needs of any one else, no matter if their expectations are healthy or not.

You need to remember you will always be… enough whether you believe this or not. I am here today to remind you that you are.

You are… Enough. You are… Brave. You are… Strong. You are Courageous. 

It is important to remember no matter how anxious you may feel, once you conquer the fear over your own circumstances you will be able to stand strong and tall and you will believe in yourself thus allowing your self-confidence to return again. 

My friend, there is HOPE for a brighter tomorrow. You can do this! I know you can.

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You Are Beautiful

Encouragement Today

AD934111-0FB3-4F1A-BFFF-4AA578796B25Today’s reminder is to tell you …

“You are wiser then you think, stronger then you know, and more beautiful then you can imagine.” 

No matter how hard life beats you down, never believe the lies you hear in your mind. All too many times we hear the worst about ourselves instead of hearing the best about ourselves.

Cling to these words of encouragement,

“I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭139:14‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

God created each and everyone of you beautifully and He doesn’t make mistakes.

My friend, please know and believe in your heart that you are beautiful! 

Hide these words in your heart and do not believe the lies the enemy wants you to believe.

You are… Enough!
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Are You Sharing or Receiving Your Value?

Encouragement Today


Today’s Encouragement is coming again from the character trait of value through the power of humility.

I believe these work together in today’s reminder because many people fall in the trap of believing their value is reversed in this situation.

Many people determine their “value” based on what they receive and not what they give.

The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.  Albert Einstein

I think this seen in two common areas in life. We see it in those who lack self-worth and in the people who are in leadership positions.

I believe the people who lack self-worth fall into this trap because they do not see their own worth and value in what they give to others.

They do not see the value their life offers to others. As a result their life becomes about what they receive rather then what they give because they become so focused on what they are not receiving from others instead of what they do receive.

For these people, a cycle of negativity begins and they become pessimistic. When the cycle of pessimism continues, they see their worth only as valuable as what they receive and not what they share with others.

When this occurs, it becomes an emotionally dangerous cycle, but if this person could identify this is occurring, it could be changed and they could learn to live a much more gratifying life.

They would be able see and share their value with others again.

The second category I list are those who are in leadership positions. I believe this occurs because of a reversed logic.

This person becomes arrogant in believing they are so good in their job and in life that others are to share things such as respects and materialism with them. This allows them to believe their value is based on what others do for them and not what they share with others.

As a result, this person looses the value of what their life has to give for a completely different reason.

In this situation, humility would begin the healing process. Once they become more humble, they would be able to see their own “real” value and would learn that sharing it with others is a more fulfilling feeling then always receiving it from others.

There are many more situations where people loose their ability to see their value, but I felt God wanted me to focus on these two groups today.

I am not sure if this affects any of you today, but if it does, today’s challenge is to seek God and ask Him how you can reverse this role and experience the wonderful feeling of sharing your value then to receive it all the time. 


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Your Value Is Greater Then Success


Encouragement Today

Today’s Encouragement is another picture that will stand on it’s own.

I am very busy making some important and overdue changes in my life and in my home.

I am hoping to announce them once they get past this initial phase of creating.

As a result of what I am doing, I am extremely tired which is making finding my words more difficult.

I found this quote tonight and loved it.

Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value. – Albert Einstei

I want my value in life to be greater then my success. When you are gone, the people who loved you will remember you for how you touched others lives, not by how successful you were. 

Consider this today. How will your life touch that of others? 

Have a great day, Everyone!

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Breathe … 

This is a simple reminder to take time out of your busy day to sit back and relax and breathe.

This sounds like such an easy thing to do when in fact I think for many of us, including me, find it is very hard to do.

Our fast paced busy lives makes it hard for us to often times spare even a half hour to just sit back and breathe.

I think of walking in a park, yes, cool thing to do, but how many people go to the park today just to experience the freedom it offers? How many people walk through the park and take advantage of the park benches and the beautiful scenery and just sit down to enjoy the peacefulness of the environment? I hardly ever see anyone just sitting down.

Everyone there is the for a purpose. It is time to get the valuable exercise routine in. Don’t talk to me, I am focused, I am training, I am working out, my headphones are in so you won’t disturb me.

Yes, it is okay to laugh. Anyone who has been to the park knows exactly what I am talking about. You see your usual people who are doing this everyday so as to not miss a beat in their workout time.

But the park, people… take the time today, if it is beautiful, when you are walking past one of those many empty park benches to just sit down, let the sun beat on your face, and enjoy the quiet beauty God has offered to us for free.

My friend, sit back, relax, and breathe today. Your week to come will thank you.

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Making A Difference, Knowing You Are Important

You Are Important Today and Everyday

This is your daily dose of encouragement.



You are important! You are important to others who know you and love you. You are important to those around you who are watching you and you didn’t know it.




Walk around today with you head held high and know…

You Are Beautiful

You Are Important

You Matter

You Make A Difference