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The Life of My Daughter and Her Migraines and Cold

I am writing to update my faithful followers on Kiddo's painfully sick week. Thankfully today I can finally see the signs of the antibiotics working to fight against her cold. It is nice to see her not struggling to breathe through all of the chest congestion and relentless coughing. As for the migraine she couldn't get… Continue reading The Life of My Daughter and Her Migraines and Cold

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Beauty Can Be Misleading

Processing Through Sickness I am sitting here tonight with a heavy heart. My daughter only had one Christmas request this year and that was to put up our big jumbo Christmas tree that we have had since the year she was born. She loves this tree and has missed it because we adopted our precious baby… Continue reading Beauty Can Be Misleading

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Hope Sees The Weary Through

It is my desire and prayer that this will touch your heart and God will encourage you today. I don't know what your struggles are or what you are going through, but I do know God sees your every move and your every difficulty. You are never alone,  no matter how light or dark your… Continue reading Hope Sees The Weary Through